Message From Salcombe Town Council July 2020

Salcombe is going to feel quite different this summer because of the Coronavirus pandemic but, as we all try to get back on track, Salcombe Town Council has taken steps to try and make life safer for all residents, visitors and businesses.


A traffic control zone has been introduced along Market Street, Union Street, Clifton Place and Fore Street/Cliff Road (to its junction with Newton Road), and also Island Street, to allow for safe social distancing.  To further help Salcombe keep everyone safe, Whitestrand Car Park has been closed by South Hams District Council to all vehicles.


A Temporary Traffic Order has been granted (Ref TTRO2035938) as follows:


TEMPORARY PROHIBITION OF THROUGH TRAFFIC along Fore Street, Cliff Road, Union Street and Clifton Place except for blue badge holders, loading/unloading or access to premises.


NO PARKING OR WAITING AT ANY TIME on Market Street, Union Street, Fore Street and Cliff Road (to its junction with Newton Road).




Island Street now has Pedestrian Priority to allow social distancing as safely as possible and to enable pedestrians to manoeuvre amongst the vehicles in this busy area.


Victoria Quay is too narrow to allow social distancing, so we suggest extra care should be taken, or you use the alternative route available via Buckley Street.


We are encouraging all pedestrians to Keep Left when walking, with signs going up and footprints being drawn to help reinforce this message.


All businesses will have their own Covid safety procedures in place, so do read their notices and abide by their rules.  Queuing might be taking place on pavements so be mindful, but if a queue is too long, try again later.


All these measures have been implemented to ensure that we all stay safe, so please


BE AWARE                  TAKE CARE                  HELP US TO PROTECT SALCOMBE