Kingsbridge, Salcombe and Modbury Chamber of Commerce helping students at KCC

Kingsbridge, Salcombe and Modbury Chamber of Commerce Chair James Spencer helped to conduct the mock interviews for the Year 13 Sixth Form Year at Kingsbridge Community College.

In a voluntary role, James was asked by KCC as Chair of the Chamber of Commerce and a business owner with experience in recruitment as Founder of the Pebbles Group.

Helping to give students the best chance with their university, further education and job interviews, mock interviews are a great way to provide them with an interview experience if they haven’t had one before.

James had this to say about the interviews: “Is there anything more thrilling for us humans than witnessing the boundless potential in the upcoming generation? 

“After my time at KCC I think not. Like other employers I thrive on being part of multi-generational teams with an energy, new skills and years of expertise too, to carve out fresh and previously unimaginable outcomes.

“The year 13 pupils I had the privilege of interviewing were all kinds of impressive.  I only hope to catch a glimpse of what they come to achieve with their futures.”