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Kingsbridge & Salcombe Chamber of Commerce

If you want to network with other local businesses, meet new customers, and discover new places then joining the Kingsbridge & Salcombe Chamber of Commerce should be your next step.

Our role is bringing businesses together in a way that is both fun and professional. We welcome anyone who is in employed in the area, not just those that are Owners and Directors. Our networking events are laidback and welcoming, informative and productive – if you are new to the area it really is the perfect place to begin and our testimonies prove just that.

To see just what we mean, why not come along to an event, there is no obligation to join just pop-in, say hello, and wonder why it’s taken you this long…

Samantha Dennis


Membership Benefits

As a member of Kingsbridge and Salcombe Chamber you can take advantage of the following benefits and services:

  • Representation
  • Business Club
  • Business Info. & Signposting
  • Chamber Website
  • Affiliation to Plymouth Chamber

Featured Business

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Business Club & Events

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The Chamber

We hold monthly meetings to organise events and to discuss matters of mutual concern.

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