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How could a free HR consultation help your company move in the right direction?
Is an employee’s negativity affecting other team members’ and/ or company culture? Tried everything to improve an employee’s performance but nothing has improved?
Wondering how to hold a disciplinary hearing?
None of your staff are on contracts or have job descriptions and the task seems never-ending?
Are you experiencing high levels of ad-hoc sickness among your staff?
Do you need to remove a benefit which has been in place for a number of years?

If you’ve never considered the idea of an HR service, are currently experiencing an issue, or are slowly expanding your workforce, it can be both daunting and feel like a minefield with knowing where to start to comply with HR compliance and legislation.

Do not fear; SpeakingHR is offering a free face-to-face 20 minute HR consultation to those within the South Hams. For those outside of this radius, telephone consultations are also available.

For more information, drop us an email:

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