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2016 Committee Meeting Minutes:

Dec 2016 - HERE, Nov 2016 - HERE, Oct 2016 - HERE, Sept 2016 - HERE, July 2016 - HERE

Jun 2016 - HERE, May 2016 - HERE, Apr 2016 - HERE, Mar 2016 - HEREFeb 2016 - HERE, Jan 2016 - HERE

 KSCC Indie Easter Competition

KSCC Communications:

  • January 2017 - Letter congratulating the 2016 Kingsbridge Celebrates Christmas Team HERE
  • 23rd November 2016 - Letter re proposed closure of Lloyds Bank, Salcombe HERE
  • 5th August 2016 - submission to SHDC in support of Tides Reach (Salcombe) planning application HERE
  • June 2016 - Thank you to the organisers of Crab Fest and a pledge to support in future years.
  • 6th June 2016 - Thank you letter to Anna Ventura re Kingsbridge Town Map HERE
  • 17th Feb 2016 Letter from Dr S Wollaston MP regarding the Kings Arms Hotel HERE
  • 16th Feb 2016 Letter from Motcomb Estates HERE
  • 4th Jan 2016 Letter to Motcomb Estates regarding the Kings Arms Hotel HERE
  • Letter Congratulating the Kingsbridge Celebrates Christmas Team HERE

​Buckland Tout Saints - Fair Week

2015 Committee Meeting Minutes:

Dec 2015 - HERE, Nov 2015 - HERE, Oct 2015 - HERE, Sept 2015 - HERE, No July/Aug Meeting held, 

Jun 2015 - HERE, May 2015 - HERE, Apr 2015 - HERE, Mar 2015 - HERE, Feb 2015 - HERE, Jan 2015 - HERE

KSCC Sponsoring Fair Week Roller Balls 

KSCC letters of support:

  • June 2015, Support of planning application re KDLR proposal HERE.
  • July 2014, Letter regarding A Frames in Kingsbridge HERE


2014 Committee Meeting Minutes:

Dec 2014 - HERE,  Nov 2014 - HERE, Oct 2014 - HERE, Sept 2014 - HERE,  Aug 2014 - No Meeting, Jul 2014 - HERE

Jun 2014 - HERE, May 2014 - HERE, Apr 2014 - HERE, Mar 2014 - HERE, Feb 2014 - HERE, Jan 2014 - HERE

Michelle Farrand, Creator of Kingsbridge Mosaic supported by KSCC.


South West Resilience Campaign:

KSCC Press Release HERE

Businesses and communities across the South West Peninsula, from Cornwall to Somerset, have been hard hit by major failures in our transport networks.Extreme weather has repeatedly disrupted our limited connections to the rest of the UK, disrupting road and rail services. The Met Office, based in the heart of the Peninsula, warns these events will happen with increasing frequency.

The South West Peninsula is increasingly in the UK’s extreme weather front-line. This has exposed the fragility of our road and rail connections and highlighted the legacy of continued underinvestment in our transport system.

With an economy greater than Leeds, Sheffield or South Wales, infrastructure investment is vital for the South West. Our businesses depend on reliable and resilient connections to function, grow and access new markets.

That’s why businesses and local authorities have united to campaign for greater investment in our roads, rail and broadband. The campaign has brought together Cornwall Council, Devon County Council, Somerset County Council, Plymouth City Council, Torbay Council, Heart of the South West LEP and Cornwall & Isles of Scilly LEP. Together, we are asking Government for investment to:

Improve and dual of the A303/A30/A358

Improve the resilience, speed and capacity of our railway backed by flood improvement schemes

Enable 100% roll out of superfast broadband by 2020 across the Peninsula

PLEASE SUPPORT THIS CAMPAIGN BY REGISTERING YOUR SUPPORT AT:  http://resiliencesouthwest.co.uk/register-your-support/



Kingsbridge Mosaic - The six panels of the Kingsbridge Mosaic are in place and look wonderful.  Michelle Ferrand, the brains behind the concept thanks everyone from the KSCC who has been involved through promoting the project and providing sponsorship.   


When in business it often feels like as soon as you earn the money it's being spent again - often to our government in the form of rates, taxes and National Insurance.

In an area like the South Hams, small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and with this in mind the government is introducing the Employment Allowance effective from 6th April 2014.  The Employment Allowance is essentially £2,000 off your employer National Insurance contributions - and it can be claimed by EVERY business.

This allowance is set to benefit over 1.25 million employers next year, around a third of these businesses will no longer pay any National Insurance at all.  If you are a business employing four people on National Minimum Wage, or one person on up to £22,000 a year, this will get rid of your National Insurance contributions altogether. 
To find out more, please visit: https://www.gov.uk/employment-allowance. All you need to do is claim it using your normal payroll software. This will depend on your package, but will most likely be a box you have to tick. 
Back in autumn 2013 the Government announced it would bring forward Regulations that would enable businesses to pay their business rate bills in 12 monthly instalments.  They have now prepared the necessary Regulations to enable 
businesses to request the payment of their business rate bills through monthly instalments with effect from 1 April 2014. 
Essentially, if a business submits a notice indicating that it wishes to pay its business rates bills by 12-monthly instalments to the billing authority in time for it to issue (or reissue) a demand notice by, or on, 15 April, then the billing authority will be required to allow the business to pay by 12 monthly instalments throughout the 2014-15 financial year. If the demand notice is issued after 15 April, then the number of instalments will be the number of full months remaining in the year. Once a business has submitted a request for monthly instalments, they do not need to reapply in future years - the arrangement for 12 monthly instalments will carry forward into future years unless the business requests an alternative approach. 
Hopefully we've just helped you to save some money!  Come and join us at our Business Clubs and Breakfast Clubs and we'll help you save more!


 £20 Consultations:

Would you like a bespoke consultation from real business professionals for a nominal £20 courtesy of SHDC’s strategy for economic growth?

Success in business something we all strive for. We all need advice from associates, friends and professionals.
Professional consultants have been made available to South Hams business people for the nominal one-off fee of £20 – SHDC is picking up the bulk of the bill! And the good news is that the consultations are as frequent and for as long as you need.

A number of Chamber members have already taken up this opportunity – it really is as good as it sounds.

More information is available from team@bipwestdevon.biz.

2013 Committee Meeting Minutes:

Dec 2013 - HERE  Nov 2013 - HERE   Oct 2013 - HERE   Sept 2013 - HERE   Aug 2013 - HERE   Jul 2013 - HERE

Jun 2013 - HERE  May 2013 - HERE  Apr 2013 - HERE  Mar 2013 - HERE  Feb 2013 - HERE  Jan 2013 - HERE

Batson Cross Development:

We have recently been asked to become involved with the consultation process of the Batson Cross Development.  Overview HERE, Map of proposed development area HERE - More details will follow, but if you'd like to discuss any element of this further please do not hesitate to contact us.

2012 Committee Meeting Minutes:

Dec 2012 - HERENov 2012 - HEREOct 2012 - HERESept 2012 - HEREJuly 2012 - HEREJune 2012 - HERE

May 2012 - HEREApril 2012 - HEREMarch 2012 - HEREFebruary 2012 - HEREJanuary 2012 - HERE

Terms and Conditions for the Chamber of Commerce Great Cash Giveaway can be found HERE

MEDIA RELEASE: Friday 6th January 2012 HERE


Wales & West utilities attended the Market Hall on Thursday 1st December between 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. to show and tell local residents/traders what the gas works in Fore Street Kingsbridge commencing Tuesday 3rd January were all about. This meeting included planners and the operational team.

The Chamber Constitution(Oct 2009) adopted at our 2009 AGM can be found HERE.

A letter (February 2010) sent to all DCC councillors opposing Pay & Display On Street Parking can be found HERE and the reply from Cllr Stuart Hughes, Cabinet Member for Highways & Transportation can be found HERE.

Survey results conducted in Kingsbridge (November 2009) concerning Pay & Display On Street Parking HERE.

MEDIA RELEASE:  April 2010 supporting affordable workshops & homes in Salcombe  HERE.

A letter (April 2010) sent to SHDC about lack of commuter parking in Salcombe can be found HERE.

MEDIA RELEASE:  October 2010 about a Retailers' Seminar can be found HERE  plus speaker notes HERE.

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